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NWA Toolset 1.1RC10 released (October 22. 2004)
We consider this release to be a fairly stable release. The reason it is still a release candidate is due to the fact that we currently don't have the resources to perform as much systematic large-scale testing as we would want to.

The Nordic Web Archive (NWA) is the Nordic National Libraries' forum for co-ordination and exchange of experience in the fields of harvesting and archiving web documents.

Since November 2000 the NWA cooperation has been developing the NWA Toolset, a software package for accessing archived web documents. The activity has been funded by Nordunet2, NORDINFO and the Nordic National Libraries.

The NWA toolset was built using PHP, Perl and Java. It utilizes open standards like the http protocol and XML extensively for communication between different parts of the system.

The actual use of the NWA toolset (i.e. searching and navigating a web archive) is done via a regular web browser, and no special plugins are needed to make it work.

The NWA Toolset source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Since January 2004, the NWA Toolset has been a project on SourceForge.

For further information about NWA or the NWA Toolset please contact Sverre Bang at the National Library of Norway.